i should post more often

The problem with spending 7 years in university learning things is now I have to prove for the rest of my life that I spent 7 years in university learning things.

I want to spend this whole summer working on cool programming projects but I’m still burned out from writing a thesis.

I had lunch with an old friend today and it was really nice. It made me realize that, after I move, I really need to put in honest efforts to stay in touch with the people that matter to me. I probably won’t, but it’s nice sentiment to think about.

My roommate moved out last night and the first thing I did was eat some of his food from the freezer.

I’m anxious about passing a drug test even though I’ve pointedly never done drugs in my entire life. That’s pretty messed up.

Kinda feels like a Drink Beer and Play FTL sort of night am I right fellas