So I’m at the

Manchester Orchestra show


rn and this person in front of me traced out a circle around herself in the wood chips on the ground



everyone that has walked by/around her has made a tremendous effort to walk around the circle without stepping in it and I don’t know what the takeaway was here but it

was just really interesting to me


i should post more often

The problem with spending 7 years in university learning things is now I have to prove for the rest of my life that I spent 7 years in university learning things.

I want to spend this whole summer working on cool programming projects but I’m still burned out from writing a thesis.

I had lunch with an old friend today and it was really nice. It made me realize that, after I move, I really need to put in honest efforts to stay in touch with the people that matter to me. I probably won’t, but it’s nice sentiment to think about.

My roommate moved out last night and the first thing I did was eat some of his food from the freezer.

I’m anxious about passing a drug test even though I’ve pointedly never done drugs in my entire life. That’s pretty messed up.

Kinda feels like a Drink Beer and Play FTL sort of night am I right fellas

These Are My Halcyon Days But I’m Afraid Of My Age

Completely redoing my blog now that I have realized that tumblr isn’t really that great for the kind of blog I had in mind.

So what did I have in mind? I guess I don’t know. But this is a start?

Blast Damage Days is a song that’s been stuck in my head for the past few days. Although WORRY came out about a month ago, this song perfectly reflects a lot of the anxieties that have been building up in my head over the past week. This song means a lot of things to me. It’s a confirmation that the world seems to be falling apart despite how hard some of us try to keep things together. It’s also a confirmation that all we have in this terrifying world are the connections we make.

If that means anything to you, then please, never stop showing support for those you love.

Plus, the music video is a beautiful friendship between man and Mountain Dew. Cool. That’s pretty cool, right?