I never used AIM but

I did use msn messenger, which was probably lamer than AIM but I’m not sure if it was either an age thing or a regional thing but basically everyone I knew was using msn so yeah.

One really distinct moment I had was using messenger back in 2004 and setting my away message to some lyrics to the song “Jacqueline” off of the first Franz Ferdinand album that had come out around that time.

The lyrics went


"Gregor was down again, 

said, 'Come on, kick me again'

Said, 'I'm so drunk, I don't mind if you kill me'"




obviously at the time I was like twelve years old so I’d never drank or partied before so the idea of connecting with this line in any way at that age is laughable but still, I really liked the song and that line seemed cool to me.

Anyways. One of my friends told me their grandparents saw my away message and it really upset them that their grandkids would interact with someone who’d say that, not realizing they were song lyrics

I felt really bad so I changed it


so the incredibles

The movie The Incredibles

The pixar one. It’s about the family of superheroes or whatever. WEll the premise of it is, like, only people who are born with superpowers should be heroes. The bad guy, Syndrome or whatever, just wants to be a superhero like the ones he looks up to. And then at the end of the movie he gets killed because not being born with natural skills is a bad thing. He tries to become a superhero by building a super suit and super technology and by all means he should be a genius, but the geniuses at the Disney Corporation decided that being smart and working hard are actually The Bad Guy Traits and as such he is the villain and he gets killed.

this man is the villain of the incredibles movie

So the anime My Hero Academia

Is about a boy (Boku No Hero Academia btw is the name of the show in Japan) so yeah it’s about a boy name Izuku AKA Deku and in this world there are tons of heroes (think like the Incredibles) but not everyone is born with superpowers (yeah once again like the Incredibles) and Deku is one of the people who isn’t born with superpowers but he looks up to the greatest superhero of all time named All Might who is kinda like Captain America or like Captain Falcon or whatever he’s really cool and powerful and I don’t wantt to spoil the show for you but All Might is dying sort of and he passes down his abilities to Deku so Deku can become a superhero and go to superhero school. Because our hero was not born with his superpowers he has to work really really hard to achieve his dreams (once again, kinda like the villain in The Incredibles, the Disney Movie) but instead of being a villain and being murdered Deku is a good guy. Oh I just realized I spoiled the Incredibles for you guys by telling you that Syndrome gets killed by being sucked up in a jet turbine and I am sorry but the movie is old as hell and everyone loves Pixar movies so you’ve already seen it anyways and there’s a sequel coming out in 15 years (the Incredibles 2) so i’m just giving you a nice little plot synopsis anyways. Back to our precious boy

good boy

Look at this Sweet Precious Boy he’s the star of My Hero Academia and even though he isn’t born with superhero powers, he eventually receives a power (they call powers “Quirks” in the show) and he works hard every single day so that he can become a hero and protect his mom and everyone he cares about.

SO what i’m really trying to get at here is that the Incredibles (Disney Movie from the year 2004)’s message was Only the “Supreme” people Born with Talents and Gifts are Superior, and Anyone who Is not Born with Gifts deserves to dIE, even if you work hard at it every day, if it’ isn’t your God-Given natural talent, you Don’t Deserve to Be Happy. In My Hero Academia, the moral of the story is that Anyone can be a hero, and hard work and determination have true value.

This is why anime is better




[Also what is the deal with anime intros never being allowed on youtube i was going to post the intro to Boku No Hero but it’s not on youtube so here’s a video that says its supposed to be the intro song but it definitely full fucking stop ISN’T but it’s still pretty coool]


i should post more often

The problem with spending 7 years in university learning things is now I have to prove for the rest of my life that I spent 7 years in university learning things.

I want to spend this whole summer working on cool programming projects but I’m still burned out from writing a thesis.

I had lunch with an old friend today and it was really nice. It made me realize that, after I move, I really need to put in honest efforts to stay in touch with the people that matter to me. I probably won’t, but it’s nice sentiment to think about.

My roommate moved out last night and the first thing I did was eat some of his food from the freezer.

I’m anxious about passing a drug test even though I’ve pointedly never done drugs in my entire life. That’s pretty messed up.

Kinda feels like a Drink Beer and Play FTL sort of night am I right fellas