i found this note on my phone


I kind of remember what this is about but i’m not too keen on sharing really. It’s a lot of cloudiness and general melodrama that sounds so profound and spun up in your own headspace, but I don’t know.


I throw this promise out a lot but I really do think i’ll be putting together something creative and interesting in this space sometime soon. Photography, writing, code, music, who knows. Something will be here!


REally just postin just to post you know.


This friday I will be traveling to iowa, and the next weekend i’ll be in eastern south dakota. That’s a little more traveling than i’d prefer for half a month but that’s just kind of how my weekends assembled themselves. two weeks after that I’ll be in minnesota for memorial day.. I think i like going to different places but there’s this deep homesickness I feel like i can never shake. There’s a word for it. but I’m afraid of putting it out there.


I’m going to a tulip festival this weekend!!




I just

cleared all the notifications on my phone and 

   That was the most refreshing thing I’ve done in my entire life I feel so good wow
I had like 129000000000 email notifications across theee (3) different email apps so what I did was just deleted one and for the others just flagged everything as read why didn’t I do that ages ago 

Honestly a lot of the apps I just deleted but it still counts 
It’s really good to just look at my phone and feel a lot calmer with everything laid out without those lingering red bubble numbers. I’ve been up for 18 hours straight