I never used AIM but

I did use msn messenger, which was probably lamer than AIM but I’m not sure if it was either an age thing or a regional thing but basically everyone I knew was using msn so yeah.

One really distinct moment I had was using messenger back in 2004 and setting my away message to some lyrics to the song “Jacqueline” off of the first Franz Ferdinand album that had come out around that time.

The lyrics went


"Gregor was down again, 

said, 'Come on, kick me again'

Said, 'I'm so drunk, I don't mind if you kill me'"




obviously at the time I was like twelve years old so I’d never drank or partied before so the idea of connecting with this line in any way at that age is laughable but still, I really liked the song and that line seemed cool to me.

Anyways. One of my friends told me their grandparents saw my away message and it really upset them that their grandkids would interact with someone who’d say that, not realizing they were song lyrics

I felt really bad so I changed it


So I’m at the

Manchester Orchestra show


rn and this person in front of me traced out a circle around herself in the wood chips on the ground



everyone that has walked by/around her has made a tremendous effort to walk around the circle without stepping in it and I don’t know what the takeaway was here but it

was just really interesting to me



Finally getting all my stuff moved into my new apartment tomorrow

I never want to move stuff again